Zong Free Internet settings 2018 Proxy

Hey guys, somebody asked me at facebook to share the zong free internet settings 2018 (currently working) via proxy or any other settings. So, I am sharing this trick. It was originally shared at Pakistan IT forum Itdunya. Most of the users have confirmed that its working. Its only for browsing. No downloading. Its speed is slow around 50kbs. But as every settings is blocked now a days. So, it is better to have some thing instead of nothing. All Zong internet settings 2018 are giving bellow:

Zong Free Internet settings 2018 Proxy

Zong Free Internet Settings 2018

Go to mobile phone settings and create the new APN or edit the current one.  Then remain all the settings original just write their proxy and port given bellow:

Port 80

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Now  save these settings and activate this APN and its done; Zong Free internet Settings has been done. Now open the UC browser and go at youtube or any other application and run free internet.

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