Ufone Number Check Code 2019

Ufone Number Check Code 2019 Full Method

Some times people forget there phone number and have to recharge balance in it or have to give number to some one. So, they feel awkward and think about “Ufone ka number kasea check krtea hain“. For them here is method to check there number from there mobile phone. In this post you can read about: How to check ufone number from mobile phone. Topic is fully covered with easiest and free method for ufone number check code.

How to Check Ufone Number From Phone? Ufone Number Check Code

Ufone is well known telecommunication network working in Pakistan. It is widely used in whole Pakistan. It has millions of subscribers in Pakistan.Here I am sharing all methods to check  Ufone number from phone. You can now check your mobile phone number for free. Here are few methods to check number of your Ufone sim.

Ufone Number check with the help of  your Friend mobile phone

Check Ufone Number With help of Friend

Now, Ufone gives free missed call service to its users So, this method is even working with zero balance. Just get the phone number of your friend and call him/her and from your friends mobile call history get your number and note it at any book or save it any your phone contacts for future usage.

Check Ufone Number with code

Here are two simple codes by whom you can check your number for free on Ufone SIM. Both of them are given below:

Check Ufone Number Code Method 1:

You need to dial a single code from your Ufone sim to check number. Just dial the below code, this is hundred percent free and there is no charges for it. Simple steps are: just dial below code and you will see your phone number on your screen.

Code to check Ufone Number: *780*3#

Check Ufone Number Code Method 2:

There is another code *3# by which you can also check your phone number. although this code will not tell you your ufone number in single step but, have to follow some steps. It will show you the menu from where you can do different tasks. Follow up and you will get your number details for free.

Ufone Number Check with Message – Check Ufone Number Online

There is no any method to check your ufone number online. Actually you can only check  your cnic sims registered details through PTA Website not your phone number. Ufone Number checking with sms has little charges so it is better to check with USSD code or call a friend.


By above different methods you can check ufone number and this will help you to solve the question always arising in your mind when you need your number “Yay Ufone Ka number kasea check krty hain”. For future bookmark this page which will help you if you forgot the method to check your ufone sim number.

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