Ufone hourly internet package (3G prepaid)

Ufone has introduced ufone hourly internet package. A package of ufone to enjoy unlimited internet.

ufone hourly internet package

How to subscribe: write message “sub” and send it to 806. R.s 5 will be deducted from your balance. This balance will be cut every week.

How to Unsubscribe: You can unsubscribe this package any time by  sending message write “UNSUB” to 9806.

Terms and conditions for Ufone hourly internet package

You cannot subscribe this package if you have already subscribed any other internet package.

  • You cannot subscribe any other internet package until unsubscribe this package.
  • Charges are 15 rupees for an hour.
    • This internet package is only valid for Ufone prepaid users.
    • Subscribe it by dialling *3#.
    • check renaming data ” dial *706#.

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