Ufone Balance Share 2019 Method |Ufone to Ufone

Some times your friend or you need balance in your Ufone SIM. But both of you are away from mobile recharge shop and its also necessary to get balance. So, that time you think about “Is there any way to share balance from your friends mobile to your or vice versa. for its solution there is Ufone balance share known as UShare.” In this post full method of sharing balance from one ufone sim to another is discussed in detail.

What is U-Share | Ufone Balance Share Service?

UShare is the service launched by Ufone for its customers to share some amount of balance to there friends or family members. With the help of this service you can share balance to any of your friends ufone sim. Ufone launched this service few years ago. This service of ufone really helps when, you have no service near to recharge balance. Its full method, charges, terms of conditions are given below:

How much balance you can share  with Ufone balance  share service?

You can share balance from one sim to another upto 200 rupees in once. So, there is limit of two hundred rupees to share ufone balance in one time. If you have need to share balance more than 200 than do it in next transition.

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Method to Share Balance with #UShare service

The method of sharing balance between two ufone numbers is pretty easy. There are only two steps whom to follow and share balance between two Ufone numbers.

Step1: Dial a code in phone (from which have to share balance)

In phone from which have to send balance to another mobile dial code, which is not much complicated but read it twice for safety.

*828*Number of Recipient In which  receive balance*Amount#

If you have any difficulty in  understanding this then see below example to overcome difficulty.

Example: *828*03333333333*20#

here in this example  code 20 rupees balance will be sent to 03333333333.

Step 2: Confirmation of Sending balance

After dialing this code then, confirmation screen will appear in front of you. which, will ask you to enter number 1 for sending balance to given number. just write 1 and then this will show you the message that certain amount has been shared to number.

In above example case it will show: 10 rupees has been send to 033333333333 successfully.

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Conditions for sharing balance Ufone to Ufone

For any service there must be some conditions which, must be followed to correctly subscribe the offer. These are given below:

  • Both sims must be of Ufone
  • The sim from which, you are sending balance to another sim. Must should be as old that you have spent 150 rupees balance from that sim.
  • Maximum transitions per day are 4. It means you can not send more than 800 rupees in a day.
  • With the help of this method balance share no validity will be change to any sim.