Top Ways to Make DO Follow Backlinks without Guest Post

Google announced two hundred factors on which matrices of Google works. Backlinks are the one of the main among them. It is the main part of off page SEO. Backlinks are playing vital role in SEO. There are basically two types of backlinks. DO follow backlinks and NO follow backlinks. Do backlinks allow search engines to follow them and rank them? Here I will discuss about How to make do follow backlinks without guest posting. There are a lot of websites which allow you to make do follow backlinks.

Make do follow Top Ways to Make DO Follow Backlinks without Guest Postlinks

Make DO Follow Backlinks without Guest Post

There are several ways to make do follow backlinks. Here I will talk about few easy methods to make do follow backlinks.

Make Do Follow Backlinks by commenting on different blogs

There are several blogs which allow commenting on their posts. Few blogs give you do follow backlinks through comments. Some major cases are given bellow.

a) Keyword as name and article URL as website

Nearly all blogs put the box for entering the URL of website and also a box for name in the comment form. Few of these blogs give the do follow backlink through the names. So, you can also make backlinks from these blogs. Here in the name part you have to fill your keyword and in the website part put the link / URL of your article then, write their relative comment. And submit it. You will get backlink from their after approval of comment, but few blogs auto approve the comments in that case You will get a backlink instantly.

b) Through HTML comments

Few blogs allow users to use HTML in comments. They also html links, html images etc. There simply you have to use your article’s link in URL and Keyword at the place of anchor text. Just look an example bellow.

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Suppose I have wrote an article and its link is “” and my keyword is “my article keyword” Then I will use bellow code to insert a HTML link

<a href=””>my article keyword</a>

Some forums and blogs use the BB codes. The code for BB code link for above example is given bellow.

[URL =””]my article keyword [/URL]

Make Do follow Backlinks through Forums

There are many forums whose management and tem is not so good. They feel lazy to check  and moderate the forum and You can visit these forums and make an account and share your links in BB codes and make the backlinks for your business.

Make do follow backlinks BY directory submission sites

There are many websites which allow users to share their links with people. You can submit your links there. Some of them are for free and some charge for backlinks. Most of directory submission sites allow you to use the bb codes. Use bb codes and make backlinks from them.



I suggest you to must check their MOZ DA PA and spam score and do not backlinks from spam websites. Because Now Google and other search engines believe in quality backlinks not the quantity of backlinks.

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