Telenor advance balance code 2019

Telenor Advance Balance Code 2019

Telenor is one of the mobile sim network working in Pakistan. Telenor has millions of customers in Pakistan. They provide different services and packages to its users. Here, I will discuss about: How to get loan in Telenor? and full method of Telenor Advance Balance Code 2019. Full method will all necessary information.

What is loan – advance Balance in SIM networks?

Advance balance which, is also known as loan. It is technical term for get some mobile recharge balance in advance. This is service. And it is provided by different mobile sim companies. This service is given to customers in emergency when they have nearly zero balance. And they want to call or message some one and recharge mobile shop is not near to them. At that time, they can avail this service and can get little balance.

Telenor Advance Balance Code 2019

Telenor also provide service of advance balance to its users. Users can get advance balance. This service is for all telenor customers, But only can be subscribe this offer and get advance balance when, they have mobile balance less than 5 pkr. This offer can be subscribed with code. which, is given below:


After dialing this code, then a message will be sent to that number that: Advance balance is given to it. Telenor advance balance is not fixed. It is between 10pkr to 50pkr

How to give back advance balance to Telenor – Telenor Advance balance charges

Very next recharge you made in you sim, Telenor will deduct the advance balance with little charges usually between 2pkr to 3pkr will deduct from your next mobile recharge.

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