Sindhi Keyboard سنڌي ڪيبورڊ for Android ISO and windows

Sindhi is one of the oldest languages of the world. It has fifty million plus native speakers and most of them are citizens of Sindh (province of Pakistan). Sindhi has its own alphabet. It is just like Arabic and Urdu. Here is the list with links and methods of Sindhi keyboard to write in Sindhi on Android phone or computer. This article covers the installation process of Sindhi keyboard on any mobile or computer.

Sindhi Keyboard for Android سنڌي ڪيبورڊ اينڊرائڊ تي

It is much easy to install any keyboard in Android devices. The installation process of any keyboard in Android phones is almost same.  There are various keyboards which have included Sindhi language in their languages. But, most of them have not full alphabet. As Sindhi has the 52 letters in its written script So, It is much difficult to adjust them in keyboard. So, some letters are missing or their wasindhi keyboard سنڌي ڪيبرڊy of typing Is much difficult So, here only I will talk about the best Android Sindhi keyboard which has hundreds of thousands of downloads with good positive reviews. It has good layout and easy to use. has less adds.

It is quite easy and less RAM using application. I am talking about “ASAN Sindhi Keyboard “(آسان سنڌي ٻولي ڪيبورڊ). It contains the rich features with installation. Have ratting over 4.4 out of 5 stars at the play store.

Download Sindhi Keyboard for Android with Installation method

sindhi Keyboard for Android سندھي ڪيبؤرڊ

First of all go to given link and download Asan Sindhi Keyboard.

After downloading the keyboard application, open it and follow the steps as mentioned in the application. It will say the following two steps.

  • Go to settings => languages settings and allow the Sindhi Keyboard in your keyboards by selecting the keyboard.
  • After allowing keyboard. It will ask to select the Sindhi keyboard as current layout. It may be done in the application or by selecting input language bar (Actually it comes when, you start type anything to change keyboard and select this one).

Now it’s time to try this. Go to any app and start writes anything in Sindhi with this Sindhi keyboard.

Sindhi Keyboard for IPhone (ISO)

Sindhi keyboard is also available for IPhone. It’s the same process as android to install keyboard. So just go to apple store by bellow link and install it.

Sindhi Keyboard for Windows سنڌي لکو ڪم پيوٽر تي

On desktops and laptops almost all people use the Windows operating system. For writing Sindhi on windows you need to install windows software application MB Sindhi which will help you to easily write in Sindhi language.  First of all download it from the bellow link:

This is the zip file. It contains the exe file of software MB Sindhi. Extract the zip file via Win RAR. Then, It will show you a window with welcome page click at the Next button.

Now it will ask for agreement terms read it and click at allow terms and click next. Then in new window there will be the install button click on it. Then click on next and it will done to install it.

You have successfully installed the Sindhi keyboard on windows. But, it’s time to know how to use it. Go at the bottom windows bar, there will be writing EN(English) click on it and select the Sindhi (SI or PA) . Then write anything it will be written in Sindhi.

sindhi keyboard for windows

In this way, you can write at the windows in Sindhi language.

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