SEO writing tips for new SEO writers

SEO writing is an art to write articles, posts and blogs according to the instructions of search engines. Web owners need a lot of traffic towards their website to sell their goods. Some of the use social media ads and search engine and other Ads and they pay big amounts for that. But  Search engines give a lot of traffic for free, but they must need a SEO writer to write their content search engine’s friendly and they have to pay him also a big amount. Or there may be some students who want to earn money for his education and He is good English writer and wants to become SEO writer so, this basic tutorial is for them to save money or earn money through SEO writing.

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 On Page SEO tips for SEO writing

SEO writing is the part of On Page SEO. It starts from keyword research. The word “keywords” means such phrases that people uses to search in search engines for particular topics. Keyword may be contains one two or several words. Here question is that how you can find such phrases or keywords that people used in search engines? The simple answer is that by using few tools. Google Keyword Planner helps u in keyword research where you can see the Google search volume of particular keywords. It also tells related keywords and their average monthly search volume.

You have to use also few other SEO tools like Arhefs, Kwfinder to check the SEO competition of keywords. With the help of these tools find those keywords which have high search volume and low SEO competition. SEO keyword research plays important role ion SEO writing so, chose best keyword which can be ranked easily in search engines.

Then start to write your content on that particular keyword. Now you have to place that particular keyword on some particular places which are given bellow.

  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords and meta tags
  • Sub headings of content
  • Image Alt tag

You also have to also maintain the keyword density i.e percentage of keyword in content. Keyword should be the 2.5% to 5% of content. It will also help to rank on any particular keyword. Sometime clients demand to you for their own wish of keyword density. So, go with that.

You have also need to link your content to some related internal and external content. If you want to rank any keyword in some particular country try to link that with that country’s government websites which will also help in ranking.


After doing on page SEO with SEO writing tips there are a lot of chances for its ranking even without off page SEO. But sometimes you need to create some do follow backlinks and give social signals to rank and get handsome amount of traffic to your website.

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