How to Make Money with YouTube

As inflation is going on and on, everyone is looking for extra income to be able to avail luxuries of life. Therefore, the graph of making money from online resources seen to have a big jump in past few years.

People are using the internet to make some extra bucks. Many of them are using it as a full-time job and others are part-timers.  The Internet is working as a money making machine besides entertainment and fun.

There are countless ways from where you can choose yours to have your share in this wonderful digital earning source. Free Lancing ForEx Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Online Teaching, Participation in online surveys, Selling Photos, E-books, Online typing Jobs, Article writing and making money with ad networks are the common examples, people are using to make money around the globe.

Today I asked to write on possibilities to make money from YouTube. So we will take a look at YouTube as an online earning resource.

History of YouTube

We remember Monday, February 14, 2005, as a day when YouTube invented as an American video hosting company, courtesy to three former PayPal employees Mr. Chad Hurly, Mr. Steve Chen and Mr. Jawed Karim. In November 2006, Google bought it for $ 1.65 billion. Now, YouTube is having

In November 2006, Google bought it for $ 1.65 billion. Now, YouTube is headquartered in California. Many other video hosting websites are in the market now but YouTube ranking is way too high as a pioneer.

Around 1300,000,000 people are using YouTube, watching 5 billion videos every day. More than 300 hours videos are uploaded on YouTube jumbo servers every minute.  Beside this, YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google.

Above mentioned facts can easily figure out the scopes of making money by using YouTube. To do so, all you need is to have real information and methods to get the most out of it. With the time being on this site, you will have all the information about every single way of online earning with authentic guidelines and methods. However, in the meanwhile, you can visit our other information-based website for all required information in this regard. Also, we’ll refer you to that site whenever required during this article.

How to Make Money from YouTube

There are many ways you can choose to make money from YouTube, e.g. putting in your affiliate links in between your videos, creating paid content/videos, using YouTube as a source of generating traffic towards your blogs and websites, promoting your own products through videos etc. But the main and most common way of earning on YouTube is displaying the ads around your videos.

To make money that way, you need to have a Google/Gmail account. It will work as the starting point to create a video channel on YouTube. To learn this in detail visit, How to Make Money with YouTube Lesson # 1.

After setting up your channel and niche selection on YouTube, you need to have Google AdSense hosted account, which is as easy as walking on the cake to set up. To enable the monetization, see How to make money with YouTube Lesson # 2, Lesson # 3 and Lesson # 4. Where you will learn how to enable monetization, introduction to key features used in video uploading and much more along with useful tips and tricks.

After getting done with video making and uploading, it is time to rank your video higher in YouTube search results. We have Special tips and tricks in this regard in Lesson # 5.

If you want to know how to create videos for YouTube and how you can use already posted videos on YouTube to make money out of them, you should watch and read lesson # 6. And for the life hacks and more additional information, Lesson # 7.


This series of article will help you to make a truckload of money from YouTube if you can execute it the way it should be.

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Guest Post : Nazeer Ahmed Tanoli

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