how to install chrome without browser -cmd powershell

how to install chrome without browser -cmd powershell

Hello Guys today I am sharing method with full explanations of How to download and install Google Chrome with CMD power shell on windows. A way to install chrome without browser. Sometimes, you feel problem of installing chrome or any other professional web browser through old dated pre installed browser on your windows computer or laptop. It’s sometimes due to java script is not supported by that old dated browser and you want a perfect solution of this. So, Here I am sharing a method to download chrome browser from CMD of your personal computer.

CMD and Power Shell in Windows

Before moving towards the main part of this tutorial, Let me explain you about CMD and power shell. CMD is also known as command prompt. It is used in windows to give commands to your computer. Here with the help of this you can execute different type of files like batch files etc. PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft.

how to install chrome without browser?

Steps to Download Install Google Chrome With CMD Power Shell

Step 1: Open Command prompt as an administrator. For this the easiest method is to click on Windows button and search for CMD. You will see Command Prompt on the top of the list. And click on it to run it. Then a black screen will be displayed in front of you.
Step 2: write a command “PowerShell” and click enter to run. Then it will slightly takes few seconds and then you can able to enter second command.
Step 3: Copy the bellow command and paste it there.

After paste code click enter. Then you will see loading on your screen. This will download and install google chrome on your windows computer. After a short interval of time the downloading and installation will be completed and you can see google chrome icon on your computer desktop screen. Just click on it and run chrome browser an advance and modern web browser for better user experience.