Free WhatsApp Packages 2018 Ufone Zong Jazz Telenor

WhatsApp is the most using Telecommunication chat application in the whole world. WhatsApp is used by billions of people. All networks (Zong, Telenor, Ufone, Jazz) free WhatsApp packages. These packages contain limited and unlimited WhatsApp free packages on different validity. These packages are official packages. These do not contain any hack or fake method. Some of these packages are for free of cost and some are at the cheap price.

 Free WhatsApp Packages 2018 Ufone Zong Jazz Telenor

There are different packages for WhatsApp whom you can subscribe and use free WhatsApp. Its list with network wise is given below:

whatsApp free Packages latest

  1. Mobilink Jazz Free WhatsApp Packages 2018
  2. Ufone Free WhatsApp Free Packages 2018
  3. Telenor WhatsApp Free  Packages 2018
  4. Zong WhatsApp Free Packages 2018

All packages are checked and taken from the official websites of these networks. These are hundred percent working.

Mobilink Jazz Free WhatsApp Packages 2018

Jazz Mobilink offers many free WhatsApp offers. Some of them are given below:

  1. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp offer
  2. Jazz Weekly Bundle
  3. Jazz Daily WhatsApp bundle

These packages information is given below:

Jazz Monthly free WhatsApp offer

Name of Package Jazz Monthly WhatsApp offer
Free stuff/ Status code 10,000 SMS and 5000 MBS WhatsApp  (Status code: *101*3*02#
 Validity and Price 30 days (50 PKR +tax)
Code of Subscription/ Unsubscription  *101*1*02# (sub) & *101*4*02# (unsub) &

Jazz Weekly Free WhatsApp offer

Package Name Weekly WhatsApp
Free Stuff 1000 SMS + 25MBS WhatsApp
Validity 7 days
Price 13.13(inc tax)
Subscribe *101*1*07#
Un-Subscribe *101*4*07#
Status *101*3*07#

Ufone Free WhatsApp Offers 2018

Ufone gives the free social package with all Ufone internet packages. So you can subscribe any Ufone internet bundle and will get free WhatsApp with it.

Telenor Free WhatsApp Offers 2018

Telenor is now giving free WhatsApp for free. Its hundred percent free WhatsApp on Telenor. Its code and details are given below:

Name Telenor Free WhatsApp offer
Code *213#
Price Free
Validity 7 days
Free WhatsApp 100 MBS

Zong Free WhatsApp Offer 2018

Zong has introduced its free WhatsApp offer for its users. Users can subscribe it and get free WhatsApp on Zong. We have written a complete article on Zong free WhatsApp. You can see it.

Warid Free WhatsApp offer 2018

Warid is also giving WhatsApp offer to its users. Warid is also giving same like jazz. It gives Free WhatsApp with its packages. Its information is given below:

Warid Free WhatsApp Packages 2018

All above were WhatsApp free packages in 2018. You can subscribe them for free WhatsApp offers. Please Bookmark our website to get the all information about technology in Pakistan.

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