How to earn money blogging? Quick tips

Blogging is an art to share knowledge, methods, ways and thoughts to other people. People make blogs for making fans, sharing thoughts, passing free time Affiliate their products, Discussions with clients,   and many other purposes. Blog is the way to gain lot of traffic to any website. So, people make blogs for even their business websites. As blogging is the way to gain lot of visitors to website, so by having a lot of traffic bloggers can earn money through their blogs. We can say it earn money blogging.

There are several ways to make money from blogs and websites having big number of daily and monthly visitors.  Bloggers can earn money through affiliating the other people products or placing CPC ads at its blog or website. There are many different ways used by the bloggers for their earning but most of them use affiliate marketing and CPC ads.

earn money blogging

Earn Money blogging By Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means to promote other people products and help them to sell their products and get some profit. Usually they pay some percentage of it. You only paid when somebody purchase their products by your promo code.  Here your role is just like as an agent who helps other companies to sell their products and get profit from them.  If you have an active blog then, you can apply at many companies affiliate marketing. There are many websites / companies for affiliate marketing ads, some of them are named bellow.

  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Amazon

Earn Money through blog by CPC ads

CPC ads means click per cost. There many ads networks which pays per click. They pay different price for each click. Google AdSense is the best ads network for CPC ads. It works on CPC ads. The CPC of Google AdSense is from one penny to several dollars. The CPC of Google AdSense depends upon User’s country, Google searching, keywords searching and its online experience.  Bloggers prefer Google Ads at their first choice, but there are some rules of Google AdSense whom you have to follow to earn money through blog by Google AdSense. There are also some other CPC ads networks which are named bellow.

  • ads (Bing and Yahoo Ads Network)
  • Click Bank Ads
  • Info links Ads


I suggest you never make any blog for earning purpose but make it for fun and hard work on your blog, and then I will assure you that you will earn a lot. But it is very much time consuming so, never loss your hope and continue your hard work one day you will be succeeded in blogging and earn handsome amount which will help you to make better your living hoods.

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