Zong PUK Code

Zong Pin and PUK codes | 8 digit Zong PUK Code

A Personal unblocking code, more famous as a Personal Unblocking key, is utilized in 3GPP cell phones to reset an individual recognizable proof number that has been lost or overlooked. Most cell phones offer the component of PIN insurance. This PUK code is used to unblock your sim. Here We will discuss full method to UnBlock Zong sims if they accidentally blocked their sims. Zong is one of the telecom company working in Pakistan. Company has more then 30 million active users. Zong is famous for the its supper fast 4G internet speed. Some times you by mistake block your sim. It is done by usually setting on the PUK code from your mobile SIM settings. Here we will tell you to find Zong PUK code.

Full method to UN lock Zong SIM

Zong sims card gets blocked when you do some mistakes in settings or do sim settings incorrectly. That time you need to unblock Zong SIM card. Here are few methods to unblock your zong sim card with the help of PUK code.

Requirements to Unblock Your Zong SIM:

1: SIM must be registered on your CNIC.
2: In this you need the actual sim owner details.
3: Zong SIM card box. This box is given with zong sim card. this has special code written on it.

How to get PIN code of Zong sim by SMS ?

If your sim is still not blocked and is in the working condition. Then for safety you have to get it with the help of message and write it at some where safely. which you can use for future when by mistake you block your zong sim. Here is method to find the zong sim puk code by sending message.
Type in message “PUK” and send this message to number 830. Then they will immediately send the message which will contain the your puk code after, receiving save it in some where safe place.

How to get PUC Code? If your SIM has been blocked? – Zong SIM

If your sim already has been blocked, and it needs puk code to unlock and you do not know your sim puk code. Then, you can try below ways to find your puk code of zong sim.
Here is a method to unblock your sim and find the zong sim puk code with the help of dialing a number. Here you need another Zong sim card. That sim card can be registered on any person, it does not matter. From that Zong Number you have to dial 310 and ask to customer care person which will talk to you to unblock your sim card which, has been blocked. Then representative will ask you few questions to confirm that blocked sim actually blongs to you or not. They ask a number which is printed on your sim card back side. It may be 8 to 5 digit code. provide them that and other information they will ask from you about owner. And confirm your identity. After confirmation of your identity then, customer care service representative will provide you the puk code and by entering that PUC code to your phone you can unblock your Zong SIM card.

Zong Pin and PUC Code Genreator

Zong has said that they do not have any Zong PUC or Pin code genreator. So, you must be carefull when ever you change the zong pin or puc code then, must remember it and write it in some where in diary for future use to avoid any difficulities in un blocking your zong sim card.
All were the above steps to unlock your zong sim card and finding zong puk code and active your sim again. You may also read the below:

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