3 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps 2018

Android phones are widely used so, now a days a lot of android apps are developing daily. Its wonder now in android phones you can enjoy all features of windows. It has screen recorders, video editors, photo editors, office editors, games, social apps and many more. Screen recorder is the software which interacts with system and record the screen. These are also known as screen mirrors. In this post I will tell you some interesting facts about Android Screen recordings and I will suggest you 3 best android screen recorder apps and at the end, you will know which, android screen recorder is best for you.

3 best android screen recorder apps

Interesting Facts about Android Screen Recorders

Some people says  android screen recorders are only for rooted mobiles, but it is not true actually there are some android screen recorder apps available for non-rooted phones. So, need to root your android phone for screen recording.

Why at some phones root is necessary for android screen recorders and why not at the new versions of android? Actually bellow 4.0 android phones system android does not allow you to record the screen and root is the process to get the supper user permission in which you can access the root directory and full control of your android phone. (But, one of the best android screen recorder app even can record the screen without root access.) And the versions like 5.0 and upper ones support the screen recording without root access.

3 best android screen recorder apps 2018

1: Scr Pro – Best Android Screen Recorder

Scr pro is the one of the best android screen recorder app. It works on android 5.0 and upper versions without root and bellow that phone must be rooted. It has great features like screen touches show, HD screen recording resolution, front camera recording and many more.

Scr Screen recorder Best android screen recorder

Features of SCR Pro

  • Record in various resolutions.
  • Front Camera recorder with screen recording.
  • Various voice recording techniques.
  • GPU and CPU recordings.
  • Mute Sound Option.
  • Hide notifications during recordings.

This is the very first application for screen recording on android devices. But unfortunately this is now days not available on play store. So we have uploaded its apk file on Google drive you can download it from bellow link.

SCR Pro Download Link

AZ Screen Recorder (Most Popular Best Android Screen Recorder on Play Store)

This android screen recorder is the second most popular among all android screen recorders. It has almost 10 million downloads and It has the good ratting almost 4.6 by more than half million people. It has rich features and no root Is available for this application.

AZ Screen Recorder Best Screen Recorder

Features of AZ Screen Recorder

  • Magic Button
  • Counter time to start recording.
  • Live screen streaming.
  • Draw on Screen.
  • Trim Videos
  • HD screen Recording
  • Many More..

Download AZ Best Android Screen recorder app from play store by blow link:

Download VIA Playstore

Mobizen Screen Recorder (Work without root on android 4.0 jelly beans)

This is the single best android screen recorder which, records the screen of android devices even bellow 5.0 without root. Above I have discussed about screen recording in android without root. That was actually pointing towards Mobizen Screen recorder. It has also good features to record screen in hd resolution and many more.

Mobizen Best Android screen recorder

Salient Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder

  • Most popular
  • 50 million installs
  • 2 million people ratted it 4.3 stars
  • Hd resolution
  • Notifications hide when recording.
  • Can save videos in external sd card
  • No root required
  • No watermark even in free version

For more features and download go to bellow link of play store of Mobizen best android screen recorder.

Mobizen Playstore link

All the above android screen recorder apps are best android screen recording apps. Download any of them according to your android system and record the screen of your phone or tablet easily.

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